How to Apply

Interested applicants should download the "Student Enrolment Form" linked below. All admissions queries by email should be sent to MISY is an inclusive school that values diversity and service. Our alumni have gone on to attend some of the finest Universities in the world.

Admission to MISY occurs on a rolling basis, so apply today. If you need any further information regarding admissions, please contact our school office by telephone on +952 80926, 80297, 80937, +959 4444 50712, 4444 50713. We look forward to welcoming you into the MISY community.

Download Enrollment Form




Application Process

Parents/Guardians submit the following documents to the school:

  • Complete student enrolment form (see above)
  • Full academic reports from all current or previous school(s) from at least the past two years
  • Relevant medical information
  • 2x2 colour photo (2 copies)
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of passport front page (for foreign student only)

The admissions team will then respond by email or by phone, to confirm that the documents have been received and to schedule an admissions test.

If in Mandalay, the student sits the admissions test at MISY Mandalay campus.

If not in Mandalay, the student’s previous academic reports and in some instances, a Skype interview with the Head of School or related Key Stage Head will carry out the interview.

A classroom assessment for EYFS (Nursery & Reception) students is required.

A written assessment is required to students from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4.

Year 4 and above students are required to take a CAT4 (cognitive ability test) online test.

After the assessment, an interview process will be completed by the Head of School or a Key Stage leader. The admissions committee, led by the Head of School, review all documents and make the final admission decision.

All necessary fees are paid after the admission has been confirmed.