Xiao Pan

Mandarin Teacher Email:xiaopan@misy.edu.mm

About Me

I was born in Huanggang, China. It is a beautiful place. I spent my childhood there. After I finished senior high school, I went to Guilin city to start my university life. I graduated from Guilin Tourism University. My major is E-commerce. When I was free, I liked to do some volunteer activities. I used to volunteer for government primary schools and gave guidance on their studies. I had a lot of wonderful experiences with the students. After I finished my Bachelor's degree, I wanted to get more experience, so I went back to Wuhan, China, and found a sales assistant there. But I really want to be a Mandarin teacher. I like to meet new people, and I also want to learn from others to let me go further in both teaching and learning. Due to Co-vid 19, I need to attend an exam for the teaching qualification certificate. Then I quit my job determinedly. MISY is my first school. 

I have a sibling who works in Yangon. She inspires me a lot, she is a brilliant and caring person. My parents are staying in my hometown. After school, I'd like to swim and meet with friends.

Area of special interest

Communicating, Learning Chinese and English

I am a Mandarin teacher at MISY. In my classroom, I need to communicate in both Chinese and English. I like to learn Chinese and English, and I can find out more about the students' ideas through communication. I really want to learn from each other.

My Education

  • Diploma of business management

My Experience

  • Video Clipper 

Online education company

  • Sales Assistant 

Loan intermediary in Wuhan City