Robert Clark

Year 12 Homeroom Teacher

About Me

Robert Clark is originally from the United States of America and have been working in both international schools in China and American public schools for six years. I have two daughters ages 14 and 15 who are attending MISY Mandalay. This is my first year living in Myanmar and my family and I am enjoying the city of Mandalay and am enjoying the nation of Myanmar.

Area of special interest

I continue to enjoy playing the guitar, but have no interest in it professionally anymore. These days I pursue my creative side with painting medieval Byzantine icons in traditional egg tempera on wooden panels. I am hopeful in the future of acquiring professional training as a Byzantine iconographer.

My Education

  • I studied mathematics and classical guitar at Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the University of Colorado Denver

My Experience

  • I originally majored in classical guitar performance and lived as a professional musician for a number of years before switching my profession to teaching

  • I have taught AP Calculus in Wuhan, China and have tutored may Chinese students in Beijing and Wuhan of all ages in several levels of mathematics